Good for the climate:
the world is becoming greener

Renewable energy is increasing
significantly, and VSB is involved.

With energy into the future: clean and profitable

We are positioned right at the centre – of the energy revolution. Investments are being made in renewable energy all over the world. This is the only way to reduce global CO2 emissions. Green energy is the key to reducing climate change.  As a result, this knowledge is leading to action in many countries: almost 28 percent of global energy production comes from renewable energy sources, and this percentage is constantly growing (source: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy).

Represented in Europe

We create a tailwind for:


An energy revolution pioneer since 1996


We have been implementing wind and solar projects for 20 years now. This benefits not just the environment but also the entire region, with customised concepts that add regional value and give citizens the opportunity to participate. Fair lease contracts and transparency in every development step are a matter of course for VSB.


Turbines built

1100 MW

Total installed capacity


Photovoltaic plants built

658 MW

Commercial management

1400 MW

Technical management


Turbines O&M contracted

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