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Europe’s leading force in the renewable energy transition.

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As the vanguard of tomorrow’s energy, we are actively shaping the future today.

Driven by our mission to create a cleaner, greener future, our team of over 500 renewable energy experts in six European countries works towards this goal every day. We are the specialists you need for:

Wind Energy

We develop, design, build and operate wind farms.

Solar Energy

We develop, design, build and operate solar farms.

Energy Storage

We develop and implement state-of-the-art battery storage solutions.


We are advancing e-mobility and truck mobility charging solutions.

Operations & Services

We offer comprehensive energy farm services.

Independent Power Producer

We produce and deliver sustainable, reliable power to our customers.


Our business areas

Driving sustainable progress through innovation

At VSB Group, we pioneer innovative approaches and technologies to drive sustainable progress. VSB’s experienced team is at the forefront of transforming the European energy landscape. We focus on digitalising and automating processes, as well as accelerating and unifying efforts to transition to a greener, cleaner future – for the benefit of our generation and those to come.



At the heart of Europe’s renewable energy revolution

We’ve positioned ourselves right at the center of Europe’s energy revolution, where global investment is driving the expansion of renewable energy. Together, we’re fighting climate change by embracing green energy solutions.

The impact is unmistakable: in 2023, renewables provided around 43% of electricity in the EU. A number that is steadily increasing with the support of our skilled and dedicated national teams developing and implementing sustainable energy projects in six European countries.


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    An energy revolution pioneer since 1996


    We have been implementing wind and solar projects for 25 years now. This benefits not just the environment but also the entire region, with customised concepts that add regional value and give citizens the opportunity to participate. Fair lease contracts and transparency in every development step are a matter of course for VSB.

    750 +

    Turbines built

    1700 + MW

    Total installed capacity

    30 +

    Photovoltaic plants built

    2000 MW

    Technical and Commercial Management

    500 +




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