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Successful projects thanks to our experience and innovative spirit

We believe wind and solar energy are the key to a future worth living. We are responsible for our environment and future generations – and we are doing our part to support the energy revolution. With your help we develop and implement wind energy and solar projects, providing clean power generation in your region.

Our passion for renewable energy sources inspires us to take new approaches that perfectly meet your needs. From securing land to repowering projects, every solution is available from a single source. Benefit from the local expertise of VSB Neue Energien Deutschland through our global network and our worldwide experience. Learn more about our Projects from the region.

We create a tailwind for:

An energy revolution pioneer since 1996


We have been implementing wind and solar projects for 20 years now. This benefits not just the environment but also the entire region, with customised concepts that add regional value and give citizens the opportunity to participate. Fair lease contracts and transparency in every development step are a matter of course for VSB.


wind turbines

868 MW

total installed capacity


solar farms


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