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Green energy, obtained from the Sun and wind, is a good chance to create joint and innovative business in line with nature and its resources. We help institutions, companies and private investors to earn profits from the natural energy. With over 25 years of experience in renewable energy, we carry out projects in many countries. We guarantee expertise, experience and safety of investment to our partners. Innovative solutions based on wind farms and photovoltaic systems are performed in a comprehensive way. We assist our partner at each stage of project development. We also limit operation risk and the time of project preparation. Starting with the choice of s suitable location and ending up with the sale of produced energy, we increase profits by giving business stability and support in developing solutions that use the natural sources of energy.

We are looking forward to doing business with you:

We have been producing green energy for Europe for the past two decades

We have become experts in the industry and we are commercially recognized in the renewable energy market. Since 1996 we have implemented renewable energy projects of 1300 MW in total all across Europe.

700 +

Turbines built

1300 + MW

Total installed capacity


Photovoltaic plants built

3200 MW

Technical and Commercial Management

500 +




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