Successful across Europe

VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy,
situated in Oulu, has been operating
as a project developer for wind farm
projects in the Finnish market since 2015

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Pioneering Spirit

Creating new solutions

What can we do to make energy generation more environmentally friendly? This question was the starting point 20 years ago for the founding of today's VSB Group. What began with a small engineering office in Germany is today an international group of companies.

The company name VSB represents the Latin terms for wind, sun and bioenergy: "Ventus - Sol - Energia Biologica". They define the Group's business focus and encapsulate the company's commitment since 1996.  

From a single wind turbine to large-scale wind and solar parks: we are the competent partner for investors, land owners and joint venture partnerships. Are you planning a wind farm or do you wish to invest in wind power in Finland or Europe? We not only have experience accumulated from many international projects, but also valuable local contact networks.

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