Karahka, Oulainen

Current information about Karahka Wind farm

Project area of Karahka wind farm is located in Northern Ostrobothnia, in the municipality of Oulainen. Site is situated around five kilometres to north from the centre of Oulainen. Wind farm is planned in approximately 2300 hectares area pointed in Northern Ostrobothnia’s 3rd phase regional land use plan.

Project area consists of at most 25 wind turbines with total generation capacity of about 170 MW. It is planned to use Fingrid’s Keskikylä / Valkeus substation as a grid connection point.

Wind power local master plan and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be executed as a joint procedure. The local master plan and building permits gained legal force in January 2022. 



  • Project information

    Commencement of construction 2022-2023
    Commencement of production 2024
    Quantity of turbines 25
    Total Capacity approx. 170 MW
    Total height max 250 m
  • Time schedule

    2014 Commencement of wind farm planning
    2015-2017 Nature and environmental surveys
    2017 Zoning agreement with municipality of Oulainen
    2018 Approval of Northern Ostrobothnia’s 3rd phase regional land use plan
    2019-2021 Local master plan and environmental impact assessment (EIA)
    2022 Building permits
    2022-2023 Commencement of construction
    2024 Commercial commissioning of wind farm
  • Map

    VSB Gruppe - Puutionsaari Finnland

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