Our expertise

For over 20 years VSB has been developing
environmentally friendly and profitable
solutions for the entire life cycle of windfarms
to benefit our customers and partners.


Our values

We are passionate about clean energy generation. We are convinced that it is possible to accomplish the whole energy supply with only renewable sources of energy.

Quality-consciousness guides us in our projects. Our customers, partners and employees value the stable business performance of the VSB Group, our reliability and professional competence.

Our operations are guided by open communication and reliability. We value local communities and want to be part of them. We set a high value on ecological thinking and sustainability.

VSB in Finland

The VSB Group –
Added value is part of the trade

Not only climate protection but also the global political situation increasingly require that we become more detached of energy import and fossil fuels. Our goal is to accelerate the change in energy generation with renewable energy. For over 20 years VSB has been developing safe, profitable and sustainable solutions for the green future of energy generation.

The international VSB Group has grown steadily and creates synergy in competence, experience and contacts which offers the greatest possible scope for innovative ideas. Let´s make the future green together!

VSB Group

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