Juurakko, Kalajoki

Current information about Juurakko Wind farm

Project area of Juurakko wind farm is located in Northern Ostrobothnia, in the municipality of Kalajoki. It is situated around ten kilometres to northeast from the centre of Kalajoki. The zoned project area is about 250 hectares and it is owned by private land owners.

Project area consists of 7 wind turbines with total generation capacity of at most 40 MW. Fingrid’s Jylkkä substation will be used as a grid connection point. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was not required for project area. The municipality of Kalajoki has granted an environmental permit for the project.


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  • Project information

    Quantity of turbines 7
    Total Capacity max. 40 MW
    Total height 230 m
    Commencement of construction 2020
    Commencement of production 2022
  • Time schedule

    2013 Commencement of wind farm planning
    2013 – 2015 Nature and environmental surveys
    2015 Wind power local master plan Environmental permit
    2017 Building permits
    2020 Commencement of construction
    2022 Commercial commissioning of wind farm
  • Map

    VSB Gruppe - Juurakko Finnland

Further information

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