We construct
for you

The project is as good
as its contractors  


Strong foundation is number one

As an experienced contract engineer, we perform and supervise construction works. Since we have been present on the market for many years, our professionals are reliable. We perform each order with precision, coordinate works of particular companies and supervise the performance. During regular construction consultations, we monitor work progress and document each stage of implementation.

The whole construction process in one hand

As a general contractor, we will represent your business, verify project documentation and administrative decisions; we will also carry out any procedures related to contracts with administration authorities, producers of devices and energy companies.

Comprehensive scope of services:

  • Implementation of construction and executive project for renewable energy installations
  • Geotechnical and geodetic investigation
  • Preparation of the land for the investment (leveling, grubbing-up)
  • Construction of access and technical roads
  • Logistics, orders and deliveries
  • Preparing technical infrastructure facilities at the location
  • Implementation of construction investment
  • Execution of electricity and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Installation of PV panels, wind turbines and energy storages
  • Activation and implementation of a test phase


Construction acceptance – important milestone

The statutory obligation of warranty begins with the acceptance of construction works. We highly recommend entrusting such an important element of this project to experienced and reliable VSB specialists.

energy for you