VSB Group – concept, implementation, management

VSB Holding GmbH

VSB Holding GmbH combines the operative companies of VSB. It includes the site VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska Sp. z o.o., along with the other project companies in Germany, France, Romania, Finland or Italy. The international nature of VSB allows for sharing experience and offering  mutual support within the group when implementing services.


VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska Sp. z o.o.

VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska sp. z o.o. is an affiliated company of VSB Group. Our office is located in Wrocław. For 15 years, we have engaged in projects related to renewable energy, mainly in the sector of wind and solar energy. We cooperate with renowned partners while implementing projects and handling orders. However, we also pay attention to relationships with local companies which perfectly know the needs and character of a given region. This path allows us to create the best products.

Success built on a solid foundation

A solid financial standing of the whole VSB group gives the VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska a strong foundation. It makes us a stable partner and our customers and partners can depend on our expertise and experience. Numerous projects, implemented in many countries, are the best trestimony of our success.

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