About us

Think globally –
act locally

VSB’s experts make projects
possible in your own region.

VSB – what does it mean?

Renewable energy has been at the heart of the work performed by the VSB Group’s experts since 1996. The small engineering firm gradually evolved into an international company, which today operates from many service hubs and national and international locations.

The letters VSB in the corporate name represent the Latin words for wind, sun and bio-energy: Ventus, Sol, energia Biologica. Those are the Business Areas of the VSB Group and that is what drives us since 1996.

Our employees 

Nothing is possible without them! Our highly qualified employees are the basis for our success. We are proud of every single one of them. In regional and international teams they create  the VSB Group’s projects using extensive knowledge and with great dedication.

Stable and target-oriented – that describes the development of the VSB Group. Discover the key milestones in our history.


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The VSB Group is a pioneer in the sector of renewable energy. The company’s stable business development is one of its supporting pillars.

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