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VSB – what does it mean?

Renewable energy has been at the heart of the work performed by the VSB Group’s experts since 1996. The small engineering firm gradually evolved into an international company, which today operates from many service hubs and national and international locations.

The letters VSB in the corporate name represent the Latin words for wind, sun and bio-energy: Ventus, Sol, energia Biologica. Those are the Business Areas of the VSB Group and that is what drives us since 1996.

What is important to us …

We are passionately dedicated to the sustainable generation of clean energy. We are convinced that it is possible to  supply all our energy requirements from renewable generation.

To create solutions for our wind and solar energy projects, we are guided by our vision and our high quality standards. Customers, partners and employees appreciate the VSB Group’s stable business development. We gain the confidence of our business partners with our reliability and professional competence.

We place great emphasis on transparency, integrity and fairness – as well as sustainability. Our dealings are based on three essential criteria: ecology, economic efficiency and social responsibility.

… for a green future

“We want to use natural resources.” Our activities are based on this motto – since 1996 as well as into the future. As a leading independent company, we help create an environmentally compatible and resource-saving energy supply. Our strength is in developing and realising technically and economically high-quality projects. Thus we are investing in a green future, with a focus on wind and solar energy.

Our renewable energy solutions are characterised by:

  • The use of the latest technologies
  • The highest quality standards
  • Regional involvement and renowned partners
  • Continuous service improvement

Our employees 

Nothing is possible without them! Our highly qualified employees are the basis for our success. We are proud of every single one of them. In regional and international teams they create  the VSB Group’s projects using extensive knowledge and with great dedication.

Stable and target-oriented – that describes the development of the VSB Group. Discover the key milestones in our history.


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The VSB Group is a pioneer in the sector of renewable energy. The company’s stable business development is one of its supporting pillars.

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