Embracing the Future with VSB Cloud and Microsoft Azure technologies

VSB sets standards in innovation and efficiency

Introducing VSB Cloud:

A New Era in Renewable Energy Project Development

VSB Group has developed VSB Cloud, an AI-powered project database, in collaboration with Xebia. VSB Cloud will fundamentally change the way we have been developing renewable energy projects since 1996 – using Microsoft technologies, automation and the application of artificial intelligence.

We are moving away from labor-intensive manual inputs and processes to an automated workflow. Increased data accuracy (“single source of truth”) will enable better risk assessment and data-driven decision making, improving project performance, efficiency, and transparency. 

The project leverages the Microsoft Azure ecosystem for efficient data management. It includes components such as Microsoft Fabric, Dataverse, Power Platform, and OpenAI Service that streamline the process from data entry to analysis. Custom low-code Power Apps ensure that data is entered accurately and validated. Microsoft Fabric supports complex analyses and financial calculations, turning basic data into valuable insights and enabling automated, AI-driven decisions. 

Felix Grolman
Managing Director (CEO), VSB Holding GmbH

CEO Statement

Working with Xebia has seen us swiftly achieve actionable results that directly advance our mission to build renewable energy assets even faster and more efficiently. By leveraging Microsoft technologies, we are placing innovation at the center of our development efforts, underscoring our commitment to being at the forefront of the industry and creating a cleaner, greener world – fast!

Innovation Through Azure OpenAI Services

VSB Cloud is a pioneering endeavor based on a data-centric approach, leveraging Microsoft Azure technologies to move from manual processes to automated and AI-driven operations.

A key facet of VSB Cloud’s technological prowess is the integration of Azure OpenAI Services, a feature that enhances our project management and development capabilities:

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP): Azure OpenAI Services brings unparalleled NLP capabilities to VSB Cloud, streamlining document search and management.
  • Boosting Efficiency and Productivity: The adoption of Azure OpenAI Services mitigates the challenges posed by bureaucracy and complex documentation in the renewable energy sector. By enabling natural language searches we significantly reduce time spent on document management.

This initiative is a transformative step toward a smarter, more sustainable energy future powered by Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies.


Partnership with Microsoft

Our partnership with Microsoft and Xebia is an example of how technology and shared goals can drive significant industry advancements. Our collaboration has been key in the seamless integration of new and innovative Microsoft technologies into VSB Cloud. The project aligns perfectly with VSB’s and Microsoft’s vision for a sustainable future and will contribute to the global transition to sustainable energy.


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