VSB engagements

As diverse as
our employees

From environmental and social issues to responsible governance:
VSB’s range of engagements as part of the company-wide ESG policy is as diverse as our employees themselves.

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  • Mitigation and compensation measures

    • Climate action
    • Life on land

    When it comes to mitigation and compensation measures, realised through the construction of wind and solar farms, VSB works together with local authorities and residents to find the right solution for the local site. With these measures, which enrich the landscape and provide added value in environmental terms for flora and fauna, we often go beyond legal minimum requirements. One example is the mitigation and compensation measures as a result of the Wölkisch wind farm in Saxony:

    • Dismantling of the old riding hall,
    • establishing meadow orchards and a fruit tree avenue along the ‘Obstblütenradweges’ (Fruit blossom cycle route) and
    • establishing the ‘Schutzackers Schwochau’ protective area near Lommatzsch in cooperation with the Landesverein Sächsischer Heimatschutz e.V.
  • VSB company forest and orchards

    • Climate action
    • Life on land
    • Ever since 2016, VSB has supported the reforestation of forested areas in Saxony in cooperation with PrimaKlima e.V. And the ‘Wald für Sachsen’ foundation. The first VSB company forest in the region was also planted in the same year. The 1000 newly planted trees contribute to capturing around two tonnes of CO2 every year, protecting the climate over the long term.
    • In 2017, VSB set up a project very close to its heart in the East Frisian district of Leer in Lower Saxony. Together with 2000 school students from seven different schools, we planted 1000 deciduous trees and shrubs. The forest will be integrated into lessons across all subjects for coming generations of students. In maths and physics lessons, for example, plant growth can be calculated, or the various floors of the forest can be studied later on in biology lessons. The forest is particularly species-rich: in addition to maple, beech, oak, alder, birch, chestnut and lime, the shrubs at the edge of the forest in particular add to the natural diversity.
    • In spring 2019, another reforestation project followed, this time close to the Saxon town of Mittweida in the Tanneberg area. A new deciduous forest with native trees and shrub species was planted across a surface area of 2000 square metres.
    • VSB also took part in tree planting campaigns in Biehla and at the Klingenberg dam in 2020 and 2021. A bark beetle infestation had severely damaged the forested area around the dam. Thanks to the newly planted beech, oak and other native tree seedlings, the ecological balance will be strengthened and a long-term investment in a sustainable future has been made.
    • With the donations from the VSB and the muscular strength of our employees, around 1,000 tree seedlings were planted near Pirna in 2022 in cooperation with the "Forest for Saxony" foundation.
  • Environmentally-friendly company sites

    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    At all its sites, VSB has consciously focused on protecting the climate and consuming as few resources as possible right from the start. For example through

    • sustainable construction methods and equipment,
    • purchasing green electricity and
    • using company vehicles with low consumption values as well as hydrogen-powered and electric cars.

    Organic food is also the preferred choice at all sites and there is enough space provided for creative work and communal activities in our Green Lofts.

  • Environmentally-friendly printing

    • Responsible consuption and production
    • Climate action

    All VSB printed products are printed exclusively on FSC-certified paper because interacting sustainably with the natural resources of this world is of huge importance for us. Thanks to FSC certification, we ensure that this natural product has been produced with environmental and sustainable aspects in mind.

    With our internal campaign "Easier saving paper than planting trees / Think before you print!" we encourage to save paper. If printing is unavoidable, this is done exclusively on environmentally friendly paper, which consists of 100% waste paper. In doing so, we are not only making a contribution to reducing the amount of waste, but are also actively reducing the demand for forest products.

  • VSB consumes in a sustainable way

    • Good health and well-being
    • Quality education
    • Responsible consuption and production

    We also pay attention to organic and regionally produced food at our own locations. When it comes to employee supply, we pay attention to fairly produced coffee, oat milk and organic milk.

    At digital zero-waste cooking events, we learn how to avoid waste and prepare sustainable healthy vegan dishes under the guidance of a professional chef.

    In the end, tasting together as a team is twice as much fun.

  • Think Tank campaign

    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Under the motto "VSB Sustainability Think Tank - Submit Your Own Idea", the VSB sustainability team not only collects all ideas, but also implements them.

    The most creative and sustainable minds among the employees are awarded.

    We are pleased about the huge participation and the interest of our VSB team in the topic.

  • VSB International Clean Walk

    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Once a year, we do something very special – we put our mouse and keyboard to one side and go out together to clean up as much litter as possible. This is our way as a company of doing something good for nature. We regularly collect several hundred kilos. This campaign showcases our DNA: not only are we driving the transition to clean energy, but we are also actively committed to a sustainable and healthy environment.


  • Donations to charitable projects

    • No poverty
    • Good health and well-being
    • Reduced inequalities

    VSB makes regular donations to charitable projects at its site in Dresden and beyond. Some examples include:

    • educational projects (Malwina e.V. / Kita in der LOUISE – counselling centre for parents, children, families, teenagers),
    • children with cancer (Sonnenstrahl e.V.) and
    • animals in need (Tierfreunde Dresden e.V.).
  • Transition to sustainable mobility

    • Affordable and clean energy
    • Responsible consuption and production
    • Climate action

    VSB supports the switch to sustainable mobility:

    • Our company and operational vehicles are already powered by water and electricity.
    • Three Wallbox chargers not only charge our own vehicles, but also those of visitors.
    • We also provide company bicycles for our employees.
  • Health management scheme and more

    • Good health and well-being

    VSB employees love not only mental exercise, but also physical activity. This is why our health management scheme at the Dresden headquarters is so well received. We love our team's energy, for example in

    • company running events,
    • city biking and
    • the company beach volleyball cup.

    We also regularly host a sustainability week internally with a number of meaningful sustainability-related activities, e.g.

    • litter picking,
    • DIY workshops and
    • voluntary activities.
  • VSB is committed to social issues

    • No poverty
    • Good health and well-being
    • Reduced inequalities

    VSB as a company and VSB employees are both socially active in a range of areas. Here are two selected examples:

    • employee initiative ‘We give gifts to children – Christmas present campaign’ and
    • regular blood donation campaigns.


  • Robust corporate governance

    • Gender equality
    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    VSB regards governance as essential in creating and maintaining value for our shareholders and other stakeholders. This includes

    • A robust approach to governance that complies with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies, e.g. anti-bribery, cyber security, anti-corruption (see compliance programme for good business practices: Sustainable Supply Chain, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery, Support Diversity).
    • We are also of the opinion that our employees’ ideas should be listened to and we involve them all thanks to our participative management style.
  • Active association work

    • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    • Peace, justice and strong institutions
    • Partnerships for the goals

    The professionalism and quality of our services are enriched by being a member of various industry organisations and associations. Our employees have fostered professional dialogue at both the regional and national level for several years now. Committee work gives VSB the opportunity to identify current trends and issues at an early stage and actively contribute its expertise.

    Furthermore, these institutions are an important link to the public for us and represent our interests to politicians, ministries and authorities. For this reason, we are also active in energy and climate associations both at home and abroad.

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