Independent Power Producer (IPP)

Independent Power Producer

We generate electricity - sustainably and independently.

We not only develop renewable energy parks but also operate high-performance facilities within our own asset portfolio, generating stable returns. As a European Independent Power Producer (IPP), we actively drive the energy transition forward. By operating our own assets, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring a sustainable energy supply.


Strategic Growth

Our team of more than 500 employees has extensive experience in the development, service, operation, and financing of renewable energy projects. With this comprehensive expertise and our strong project pipeline in six European countries, we are able to continuously expand and efficiently manage our IPP asset portfolio. Our wind energy and photovoltaic parks reliably deliver green electricity to various locations in Europe, making a significant contribution to energy security.

Our Contribution to a Green and Clean Future

VSB is actively committed to the energy transition: with our growing portfolio of own assets, we help reduce CO2 emissions in Europe and provide solutions for sustainable energy generation.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with VSB Group

As an independent power producer (IPP), we invest in the construction and operation of wind farms. We offer sustainably generated electricity from our wind and solar parks through long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). These PPAs enable companies to meet their energy needs from renewable sources without having to invest in infrastructure.

PPAs offer our customers numerous benefits such as cost savings, sustainability, and stability. They are particularly suitable for companies looking to reduce their energy costs and achieve their sustainability goals. A Power Purchase Agreement plays a central role in the business of wind farm operators, facilitating reliable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

Learn more about our PPA models and how you can benefit from our sustainable energy solutions.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

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