Substations and infrastructure

Ready for the grid

The substation is the key

Management – your system in focus

We have long-standing and comprehensive experience of managing substations. We would be happy to apply our know-how to your farm as well.

Technical Management

  • 24/7 remote surveillance and on-call service
  • In the event of a fault: guaranteed fast restart
  • Creation of monthly reports
  • Coordination and control of grit control
  • Technical advice on connecting to the grid and energy feed-in
  • Managing insurance
  • Support in warranty claims
  • Acquisition of system responsibility in accordance with DIN VDE 0105-100:2015

Commercial Management and asset Management

  • Managing your energy farm
  • Information management for partners
  • Commercial management
  • Asset management
  • Liquidity planning
  • Variance analyses
  • Monitoring and optimising the financing structure
  • Creation of business plans
  • Accounting and payments
  • Receivables management
  • Contract and claims management

Substation – the bottleneck in the network

The power in wind and solar farms does not only need to be produced, but also transformed. This is normally done by a substation which transforms medium voltage into high voltage. If the substation fails, then no energy reaches the grid. For you as the operator, this would mean: no revenue during this time. As your partner in wind and solar farms, we ensure maximum availability of your substation and therefore profitable operation of your system.

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Maintenance – Quality counts

The maintenance of your farm essentially includes inspection, repairs and testing.

Every three months, we’ll take a close look at your substation: from the medium-voltage facilities and the transformer, to the station buildings and premises up to the 110kV system and the secondary technology. Minor defects will be fixed directly.

Maintenance work will be carried out by our qualified staff on a regular basis. Be it small repairs, adjustments or replacing defective equipment – our range of spare parts allows swift action. Do you want to understand what has come of our maintenance work? In the maintenance protocol, we record all results and the current status of your system.

Together with the maintenance work, tests are carried out, which we also record, of course.

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