VSB certifications

signed and sealed.

If there's one thing you can rely on, it's that one of VSB's greatest priorities is transparency. This is why we submit to regular certification processes carried out by our most important sustainability partners. Signed, sealed and delivered.

Quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015

VSB's quality management in the planning and development of projects in the field of renewable energy is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015. The result of this is a sustainable continuation of our consistent customer orientation in project management and the service sector.

Climate-neutral website

The VSB website has been certified a climate-neutral website by our sustainability partner ClimatePartner. The use of the Internet generates CO₂ emissions, primarily as a result of the electricity consumed by servers, data transmission and users’ end devices. ClimatePartner uses data regarding monthly page views on our website to determine the CO₂ emissions and offsets 100% of these via current climate change mitigation projects.

Carbon-neutral company

We are climate neutral!

VSB is currently undergoing the official certification process to become a carbon-neutral company.

As an international group of companies, VSB is completely climate-neutral! How did we achieve this? By consistently implementing our sustainability strategy "VSB Goes Green". We balance our CO2 footprint with ClimatePartner according to the GHG protocol - and then the three important steps follow: avoid CO", reduce CO2 and compensate CO2.

The label for climate neutral products, services and companies confirms that CO2 emissions (after reduction) have been offset via certified climate protection projects.

The label "climate neutral" stands for transparency and guarantees the traceability of climate protection measures. The offsetting process certified by the label is checked every year by TÜV Austria, an independent testing, inspection and certification company.

Additional sustainability issues on VSB's radar

VSB GoesGreen initiative

Step by step to success: as part of the VSB GoesGreen initiative, we have defined 10 points to help us implement our ESG policy in the company as quickly as possible. After all, the journey itself is the reward.


VSB engagements

From environmental and social to governance: VSB’s range of engagements as part of the company-wide ESG policy is as diverse as our employees themselves.


VSB ESG policy

With a company-wide ESG policy and clear environmental goals, VSB is setting new, sustainable standards. In doing so, it concentrates on six focal points ranging from environmental sustainability to corporate governance.

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