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For over 20 years, VSB has contributed to shaping the environmentally friendly and resource-saving energy supply. We are completely passionate about clean energy production from wind and sun. It is therefore only logical that we should also play our part in electromobility. And we are doing this by linking the renewable electricity generation and electricity consumer sectors. Therefore, electromobility is the ideal addition to the business areas of the VSB Group. 

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Testing, installation and maintenance of charging stations

In order to develop electromobility as an attractive alternative to combustion engine vehicles, a dense network of charging infrastructure is essential. This includes charging stations located in public places such as petrol stations, rest areas and shopping centres, as well as wall-mounted charging stations installed in private garages.  

Are you looking for a service provider to install charging stations for your customers or consumers? We offer convenient package solutions to energy suppliers, public utilities and companies with their own vehicle fleet. On behalf of our customers, we also carry out the installation for private consumers. This is how we do it: our service engineers check the local conditions for a charging station, install it, put it into operation and maintain it. Should a fault occur, we will be with you on-site quickly.

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Our electromobility customers profit from the strong corporate structure of the VSB Group. This means that the decentralised service bases and regional offices throughout Germany are always nearby. Our assembly team is on the road for you throughout Germany. And that’s not all: our service engineers have a comprehensive technical knowledge. Not just in wind energy farms, but also in the charging infrastructure in the electromobility field and other general service tasks.  

Would you like to produce and store the energy for your electric vehicle fleet yourself Contact us for a complete plan with solar systems and battery storage.

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