Power Purchase Agreements with VSB

Power Purchase Agreements

Your Path to Sustainable Energy with VSB Group

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is more than just a contract—it's the gateway to a sustainable future. As the world moves towards greener energy solutions, the demand for renewable electricity is increase rapidly. A PPA creates a stable, long-term partnership between the electricity producer (VSB) and the consumer (buyer). This agreement outlines the terms for delivering a specified amount of electricity at a fixed price over an extended period, ensuring a reliable and predictable energy supply.

VSB recognized the significance and potential of PPAs early on. By establishing the first automotive PPA in Europe with Mercedes-Benz, VSB paved the way for innovative energy solutions.

Benefits of PPAs with VSB Group

Cost Stability and Independence

Secure long-term pricing and shield your business from volatile energy markets.

Pioneering Sustainability

Minimize your carbon footprint and protect the environment through renewable energy integration.

Reliable Supply

Benefit from VSB Group's proven track record in developing and managing renewable energy projects.

Case study: VSB and Mercedes-Benz: First automotive PPA in Europe

At VSB Group, we are proud to partner with industry leaders like Mercedes-Benz to set new benchmarks in sustainable energy. In a groundbreaking move, VSB Group has entered into a long-term supply contract with Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland for wind-generated electricity. This landmark agreement is the first of its kind with the automotive industry, highlighting our role as innovators in the green energy market.

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Jawor, Poland, is powered exclusively by renewable energy from the VSB Taczalin wind farm. This state-of-the-art facility, is producing today using green electricity from 22 turbines with a total capacity of 45.1 MW.

Thomas Winkler
CEO VSB Germany

CEO VSB Germany - Statement

Mercedes-Benz's choice of locally-generated renewable electricity sets a global standard in the automotive industry. We are thrilled to support their mission towards carbon-neutral manufacturing.

Types of PPAs

VSB Group offers a variety of PPAs tailored to meet your unique energy needs:

Physical PPA: Directly receive renewable electricity at your location, ensuring a tangible impact on your energy consumption.

Virtual PPA (VPPA): Gain the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy without physical delivery, perfect for businesses with diverse locations.

Sleeved PPA: Enjoy a seamless energy supply with an intermediary managing the logistics and contractual obligations.

Onsite PPA: Generate and consume renewable energy directly at your facility, reducing transmission losses and enhancing energy security.



By partnering with VSB Group, you can integrate renewable energy into your operations effortlessly, securing long-term environmental and economic benefits. Join us in leading the charge towards a greener future and let VSB Group be your trusted partner in sustainable energy solutions.

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