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Olaf Möller, State Secretary in the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation

"The VSB wind farm Wipperdorf enables a whole region to become an 'energy winner'. Besides its contribution to climate protection the wind farm supports the district Nordhausen with a cost-effective energy supply and is a great example of how the energy revolution succeeds together with local people."

Wipperdorf windfarm

Francisco Feito, Managing Director Renewable Energy SUSI Partners AG

"We provide our investors with access to investments in sustainable energy infrastructure, which are characterised by stable long-term returns. We are connected to VSB Group by a trusting cooperation and first-class wind energy projects in Germany and France."

Weißandt-Gölzau windfarm

Two decades of wind power and solar energy for europe

So far, VSB has installed 916 megawatts' worth of clean generation facilities from environmentally-friendly wind energy and photovoltaic systems in Europe.

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Dr. Anita Maaß, Mayoress of the City of Lommatzsch

"Our cooperation with VSB had been trustful on a high level, at the same time with an open mind for the problems and mutual expectations."

Wölkisch windfarm

Holger Platz, Deputy for Community Affairs of the City of Magdeburg

"This was a joint venture between the investor and town administration, the way it should be. There was great respect and understanding. I really appreciated the joint venture with VSB, and I am very pleased that it worked out so well."

Magdeburg solar park

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