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The sun provides an infinite amount of energy. More than the entire world population could ever consume. This energy is available to us free of charge, unlimited and environmentally friendly. Through photovoltaics, it is transformed into clean, electrical energy and can be used for a range of applications. You too can support the expansion of solar energy. It protects the climate, is good for the environment and ensures that our world shall be preserved for future generations.

Reasons for investing in a solar system for businesses, associations, local authorities:

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Increase profits
  • Generate independence
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Long-term and secure investment
  • Reinforce a positive Image

Do you want to produce green energy on your roof with a solar panel?  

Individual planning and advice  

No two solar projects are the same. Factors such as the local solar irradiation value, the structural requirements of a roof or possible sources of shade are critical for economic efficiency and alignment.     

We will determine whether your roof is suitable with a non-binding inspection appointment on-site. An initial assessment of the expected income the system could yield is also possible at this stage. Then we can develop a location concept for you.

Photovoltaics: a wise investment!  

Renewable energies are the most important pillars of the energy revolution. More and more people are using the resulting opportunities and see photovoltaic energy as a profitable investment. So that this decision is safe and profitable in the long run, we will give you comprehensive advice on your opportunities and tasks as an operator.

In the implementation of our joint project, only high-quality components are used, which we select individually for your location. And as an experienced operator, we are also at your side for follow-up support.

Feeding into the public power grid

In Germany, if solar power is fed into the public power grid, then you receive legally fixed payments in accordance with the German renewable energy act (EEG). We would be happy to explain the current legal situation including the applicable remuneration rates. The remuneration per kilowatt hour is defined on the basis of the commissioning date and the type and size of the farm. For example, roof-mounted systems are remunerated at a higher rate than free-standing systems.

Therefore, planning tailored to your needs significantly contributes to maximising your earnings.

Safe all-round: service and insurance

Solar systems are exposed to a wide variety of environmental influences during their service life. Our aim is to avoid and prevent possible defects and loss of earnings at an early stage. We succeed in doing this by regularly checking your system. However, should damage occur, we will be on-site as soon as possible to fix the fault.  

Our service offer includes, for example, linking your system to a yield monitoring system, regular visual inspections of the system elements, shade checks, thermographic tests using thermal imaging cameras or performance measurements. The various service packages can be booked individually for every system.

On-site use of solar energy

The EEG allows you to use self-produced solar energy. The aim behind this is to decentralise the energy supply in Germany and to give you, as a consumer, more independence. The electricity prices fixed by the energy companies will continue to rise in the coming years. With your own solar power, you protect yourself against rising energy costs and benefit from the government-fixed remuneration.

From a business point of view, the on-site use of solar power is more attractive than feeding it into the public power grid. An individual analysis of your own requirements is included in our offer to you.

Get a picture: Solarpark Magdeburg

The Magdeburg solar farm is an outstanding example for the successful transformation of a former landfill site (Cracauer Anger) into a high-performance solar farm. Under the direction of VSB, a photovoltaic farm was created within just five months, covering the energy needs of around 11,000 people.

Show reference project

We work closely with local authorities, property owners and other regional partners in the construction of your photovoltaic system. This means local businesses also profit from your project.

We’ll take care of this for you:

  • Yield assessment
  • Legal review, conclusion of contracts
  • Optimisation of existing systems or farm planning
  • Applying for the necessary land use and development plans
  • Detailed technical planning (e.g. regarding shade)
  • Support in licensing procedure
  • Determine suitable grid connection Points
  • Conclude contractual agreements with grid operators and energy suppliers
  • Project planning, in consideration of environmental demands and requirements
  • Creating or commissioning reports
  • Planning and carrying out compensation and replacement measures
  • Commissioning regional construction and transport companies
  • Creating a tailor-made financing concept with the help of existing cooperation between VSB and individual Banks
  • Disassembly and recycling

Sunny times for your solar farm – management and maintenance

What actually makes a solar farm successful? Precisely: the technology of the solar panels or the power inverter must match. But ultimately, management and maintenance determine the profitability. We ensure that your solar system performs to the best of its ability and therefore produces a high yield.

Optimisation – more income 

Is your project in the planning stage or do you already have a photovoltaics system? We will support you in every project phase or support your farm through targeted repowering.

  • Maintenance and inspection in unprofitable times
  • Ensure optimal and smooth Operation
  • Financial conception and increase of project yield
  • In partial shadowing: planning and improving cabling
  • Exchange or selection of modules and Inverters

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