Dismantling of wind turbines

From 100 to 0

Dismantling – environmentally
friendly and efficient.

Dismantling – A wind farm becomes a nature park

Disused and then? After about twenty years, wind turbines can often no longer be operated economically. There is the possibility of repowering, i.e. replacing old turbines with modern, more powerful ones. But regardless of whether new plants are built or not, the old plants must be dismantled without leaving any traces behind and professionally recycled. We are happy to take over the dismantling and restoration of the proper condition of the property for you: Fast, efficient and sustainable.

Our services

  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Planning of construction site logistics
  • Improvement of access roads and crane parking areas
  • Complete dismantling of old facilities, foundations, access roads and crane parking areas
  • Required transport for professional recycling, disposal or further use of the plant components
  • Cost-saving optimisation of the construction process
  • Proper restoration of the land plot

Dismantling in five steps

During dismantling, it is important to ensure a functioning recycling economy with regard to health, safety and the environment.

Disassembly (rotor blades, nacelle & steel tower) by crane
Disassembly into individual parts
Recycling & Disposal
Foundation dismantling
Restoration of the original condition

Professional recycling

In total, about 80 to 90 percent of the components in a dismantled plant, i.e., metals, the electrical system, the foundations and the tower, can be returned to recycling cycles. The remaining 10 to 20 percent of the old plant will be disposed of properly.


Good to know:

We are a founding member of the association RDRWind e. V., an industrial association for the repowering, dismantling and recycling of wind turbines, and are committed to establishing standards and norms for the sustainable dismantling of wind turbines for the first time. VSB is therefore a co-initiator of a future DIN standard (DIN SPEC) for sustainable deconstruction.

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