VSB GoesGreen initiative

Step by step to success: as part of the VSB GoesGreen initiative, we have defined 10 points to help us implement our ESG policy in the company as quickly as possible. Within these 10 points, we have agreed on individual VSB commitments that we are already realising in a tangible way. After all, the journey itself is the reward.


Our roadmap
for greater

1. VSB GoesGreen Action Team

Together we are stronger: all our employees are warmly invited to actively help shape the sustainable future of VSB and implement our ESG policy in the company. The VSB GoesGreen Action team ist the leading interdisciplinary task force.

2. VSB Sustainability Week

Because every contribution counts: VSB regularly hosts an international sustainability week internally with a number of meaningful sustainability-related activities, e.g. clean walks, zero-waste cooking, digital clean-ups, bike checks and DIY workshops.

3. VSB GoesGreen employee initiative

Under the big heading #mycontribution, creativity and personal initiative are given the greatest possible scope at VSB. Employees can pursue their ideas on the topic of "sustainability". This is how great projects are created, such as the VSB community garden.



4. VSB consumes in a sustainable way

We rely on a green office concept, including green electricity and recycled paper. When supplying our teams and guests, we use sustainable, regional, seasonal and, if possible, vegetarian and vegan food. We also pay attention to saving electricity and water and avoiding waste.

5. VSB saves resources

VSB is continuously reducing its own CO2 footprint: This applies to our company's own vehicle fleet as well as to the internal provision of water dispensers. Our home office policy is an essential part of the CO2 reduction, as the commute is saved. Saving electricity is a matter of course for us.

6. VSB Mobility GoesGreen

The VSB supports the switch to sustainable mobility, e.g. by installing wall boxes and providing job bikes. The company's own vehicle fleet also has sustainable drives and fuels. We also operate our service fleet with new electric VW ID Buzzes.



7. VSB Green Loft – our space

Thinking about tomorrow today: right from the very start, VSB focuses on using the most sustainable construction methods and equipment for its environmentally-friendly company sites, including providing sufficient space for creative work and communal activities in its Green Loft.

8. VSB purchasing: social & sustainable

The following applies at VSB: We attach great importance to sustainable supply chains and a certified quality management system (DIN ISO 9001:2015). We also cooperate with dealers for ecological, socially responsible and high-quality products when procuring office supplies.

9. VSB health management

VSB's company health management accompanies employees in the areas of exercise, nutrition, stress management and relaxation. Among other things, CHM also supports participation in company running events or city cycling. Because fit comes first.

10. VSB is commited so social issues

The VSB regularly supports charitable projects, for example for children with cancer, educational projects or nature projects. Our employees get involved in the international VSB Charity Run and raise money for an aid project or a charitable organization.

Additional sustainability issues on VSB's radar

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