VSB ESG-Policy

Setting new, sustainable standards


With a company-wide ESG policy and clear environmental goals, VSB is setting new, sustainable standards.

In doing so, it concentrates on six focal points ranging from environmental sustainability to corporate governance.

The six focus points of our company-wide ESG policy

Environmental sustainability

  • Thanks to efficient environmental management, VSB is reducing its impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.
  • We have a strict compliance with all regulations.
  • We are having an efficient energy, water and waste management.
  • In procurement, e.g. of food, we pay attention to sustainable organic production.


Health and safety

  • Our target is to eliminate potential risks for employers and stakeholders.
  • Motivated and healthy employees are the key for success.
  • So we apply best practice strategies for health and safety.
  • We are responsible also for all with the company related partners and suppliers. 

A responsible supply chain

  • We have a clear and transparent communication of our policies and expectations to our suppliers.
  • We monitor compliance in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact.
  • We rely on local partner firms for construction work so as to reduce transportation distances.

Social relationships

  • We’re convinced that trust, appreciation and transparency create a positive social, working and business environment.
  • We plan and realise our projects in such a way that they optimally meet the needs of local stakeholders.
  • We involve stakeholders in the decision-making process and encourage them to take part in attractive public participation models.

Human rights and diversity

  • We take responsibility for respecting and protecting human rights.

  • We place great value on complying with labour standards and fair business practices.

  • We promote diversity and equality of opportunity in our Diversity-Project.

Corporate governance

  • We regard governance as essential in creating and maintaining value for all our stakeholders and partners in both the social and business environment.
  • This includes a robust approach to governance that complies with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies (e.g. anti-bribery, anti-corruption and cyber security).
  • We listen to and value the ideas of our employees and we involve them all in our participative management style.

In addition, we have committed ourselves to the following environmental goals

as defined in our environmental policy:

  • We are recognising and understanding the direct and indirect effects that VSB’s systems, operations, business practices, products and services have on the environment.
  • We run our business in such a way that addresses the needs and concerns of all stakeholders and the environment.
  • We apply cutting-edge technology to develop environmentally-friendly methods for providing our systems and services. We are taking environmental issues into account during the decision-making process.
  • We minimise the generation of waste and pollution. We also dispose of waste consciously and creatively by promoting a culture of reduce/reuse/recycle.
  • We educate and train our employees in the use of environmentally-conscious practices and recognise that they are also responsible for protecting the environment even outside of their role in the company.
  • We are boosting the contribution of our employees to environmental initiatives.
  • We are ensuring compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements related to our activities.
  • We are setting and fulfilling environmental targets and requirements at all appropriate levels in accordance with corporate goals as part of an ongoing programme of continuous improvement.
  • We are promoting and implementing local, site-based initiatives.




At VSB compliance with regulations, legislation, internal policies and guidelines is of utmost importance. Our values and commitments are reflected in our policies, guidelines and codes. Compliance and sustainability share many areas of common interest, such as risk management, supply chain, transparency and reputation. In this section we make available a number of selected policies which were developed as part of our compliance program.

Important internal policies:

  • Environmental policy
  • ESG Statement and Policy
  • Compliance Policy (Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Policy)

Accountability and transparency are part of our culture. We aim that each employee and our external stakeholders are fully aware of our policies, guidelines and codes. By implementing a compliance management system VSB aims to strengthen the protection of the integrity of the executives, employees, customers and business partners and therefore, its position as a trustworthy partner. We are aware that our stakeholders including suppliers and service providers play a key role in achieving VSB’s objectives in the long-term, and this is why we pursue a clear communication with them on our values and what we strive for.



Additional sustainability issues on VSB's radar

VSB GoesGreen initiative

Step by step to success: as part of the VSB GoesGreen initiative, we have defined 10 points to help us implement our ESG policy in the company as quickly as possible. After all, the journey itself is the reward.

VSB engagements

From environmental and social to governance: VSB’s range of engagements as part of the company-wide ESG policy is as diverse as our employees themselves.

VSB certifications

f there's one thing you can rely on, it's that one of VSB's greatest priorities is transparency. This is why we submit to regular certification processes carried out by our most important sustainability partners. Signed, sealed and delivered.

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