At VSB, sustainability is about consciously assuming responsibility for environmental, social and economic aspects. And not just when it comes to expanding renewable energies, but also in everything we do. We therefore consider all upstream and downstream processes from a sustainability point of view – and always with our group-wide ESG policy (ESG = Environmental Social Governance) in mind.


Our approach

"ESG goes beyond green and clean. Embracing 'S' and 'G' drives growth, guarantees informed decisions, and promotes accountability. A diverse culture with clear rules lays the foundation for our success."

Some talk about an energy transition, we believe it is more than that: it is an energy revolution. At VSB we want to go further than zero-carbon energy. Better local ecology and social footprint, modern governance and motivated teams are also our ultimate goals.

Felix Grolman

VSB Holding GmbH

Our principle of sustainability

VSB’s mission is to interact responsibly with natural resources. Renewable energies should in principle be sustainable, green and future-oriented.

As such, our employees have been committed to wind and solar energy segment for over two decades now. And we also place great importance on transparency, integrity and fairness. Thanks to our commitment to sustainability, we are assuming long-term responsibility towards society, the environment and the economy. With this, we aim to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN both at a national and an international level.

A direct path to a group-wide ESG policy

VSB ESG policy

With a company-wide ESG policy and clear environmental goals, VSB is setting new, sustainable standards. In doing so, it concentrates on six focal points ranging from environmental sustainability to corporate governance.

VSB engagements

From environmental and social to governance: VSB’s range of engagements as part of the company-wide ESG policy is as diverse as our employees themselves.

VSB GoesGreen initiative

Step by step to success: as part of the VSB GoesGreen initiative, we have defined 10 points to help us implement our ESG policy in the company as quickly as possible. After all, the journey itself is the reward.

VSB certifications

If there's one thing, you can rely on, it's that one of VSB's greatest priorities is transparency. This is why we submit to regular certification processes carried out by our most important sustainability partners. Signed, sealed and delivered.

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