VSB company history

A look back as we move forward

VSB - a success story

What started as a small, two-man engineering office in 1996 is now an internationally successful group of companies. The company's founders Andreas and Achim Dorner recognised and developed the potential of renewable energy  early on. Just a few months after their wind farm development company  was established, the first wind turbines were already generating clean electricity in Saxony – a pioneering feat at the time!

Sustainability is and has always been both a motivation and an obligation for us: in the generation of electricity  as well as in VSB's history. Rather than taking great leaps, we bank on continuous growth that is oriented towards realistic forecasts.

Wind history in the making

When is the right time to take the next steps for company growth? So far, VSB has managed to find it. We observe the market very precisely and check whether jobs can be created and maintained in the long term. Only then, when there are realistic future prospects, do we make the decision to expand.

We were able to gradually develop the formerly small engineering firm into an internationally successful group of companies. The future offers many opportunities to advance the use of renewable energy in Europe. We contribute to this as a full-service operator: with innovative ideas, comprehensive experience and a solid competence network.

Looking back, we find our approach to be confirmed: we did a lot of things right. That motivates us to continue our journey with our customers, partners and employees, for a future well worth living.

2023 Poland: Baranów wind farm with 42.6 MW operating since June 2023. Racibórz wind farm 41.6 MW, construction start April 2023.
2022 VSB´s Elster wind farm is one of Europe´s largest repowering projects with over 105 MW.
2022 In Finland, VSB successfully realised and sold the "Juurakko & Karahka" wind farm portfolio with an impressive capacity of 190 MW.
2020 The VSB Group is part of the Swiss Partners Group since April 2020. Together with our new partner, we are continuing the national and international growth course.
2019 Foundation of the Croatian and the Greek subsidiaries. The VSB is now represented at 19 locations throughout Europe. The pilot project “Battery storage Wölkisch” is commissioned.
2018 More than 300 employees are working in 16 locations for VSB. The VSB group of companies has 1.3 GW technical management and 658 MW commercial management under contract as well as over 450 turbines O&M contracted.
2017 The 30 MW wind farm Luko is connected to the grid in Germany (Saxony-Anhalt)
2016 VSB is already supplying over a million people with clean green electricity.
2015 Establishment of a Finnish subsidiary – the investment total passes € 1 billion. The first wind farm in Italy is built.
2014 The first VSB wind farm is connected to the grid in Thuringia.
2013 Incorporation of an Italian subsidiary. In Poland, the wind turbines in VSB's largest wind farm to date generate 45.1 MW.
2011 The VSB Group reaches 500 MW of installed capacity and builds the first wind farm in Poland.
2008 VSB becomes an international group with the incorporation of subsidiaries in Poland and Romania.
2005 The first French wind farm is installed.
2001 VSB goes international with the founding of subsidiaries in France and the Czech Republic.
1997 VSB installs its first five wind turbines – a successful pioneering feat!

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