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Repowering -
Fresh energy for your wind park

Repowering - More power for your location

With the most modern technology that is more effective and efficient, we replace old plants that can no longer be operated efficiently after 20 years. You therefore achieve a higher turnover and profit from declining maintenance costs. We accompany the entire process of the repowering with a strong network in the sector for removal, recycling and reutilisation.

Repowering with VSB

Do you want to sell your old wind turbines? VSB purchases project and repowering rights as well as also plants in all operating stages. We can also acquire a stake in your wind farm in order to optimise it. Together we will redesign it and handle any risks at the same time. If you would like to continue operating your wind farm yourself, we offer you our support services – whatever you prefer.

Repowering - Our services:


  • Preliminary check free of charge
  • Potential analyses for your existing park
  • Support when deciding between further operation or repowering
  • Project acquisition in all development and operating stages
  • Acquisition of repowering rights
  • Complete project planning services for the repowering
  • Complete dismantling of your old plants
  • Recycling and selling the plant's parts
  • Financial conception and increasing the project returns

Benefits of repowering:

  • New and powerful plants for your location
  • Modern wind turbines are slower and quieter
  • Higher yields from reduced numbers of plants
  • Lower maintenance costs

“VSB cooperates with well-known plant manufacturers so we can meet the highest quality standards for reliable operation with low maintenance effort.”

Finn Wöbking, VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH

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