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Repowering -
Fresh energy for your wind park

Repowering - More power for your location

With state-of-the-art technology that is more powerful and efficient, we replace old installations that can no longer be operated economically after 20 years. This results in higher yields and benefits from decreasing maintenance costs. We accompany the entire repowering process with a strong network in the field of decommissioning, recycling, and reuse.


Potential analysis for your existing wind farm

  • Examination of yield data, maintenance costs, pending repairs, and potential revenues from direct marketing
  • Support in deciding between continued operation and repowering
  • Analysis of yield potential
  • Examination of current regulatory foundations for the construction of modern installations at the same site (especially height limitations and distance regulations)
  • Determination of demand for the possible resale of old installations

Decommissioning of old installations

  • Preparation of decommissioning including securing the necessary permits
  • Construction site security for interim storage and on-site dismantling
  • Upgrading of access roads
  • Complete dismantling of old installations (including foundations and no longer needed paths)
  • Removal and recycling or sale of equipment parts


Repowering - Our Services

  • Free Preliminary Check

  • Potential analysis for your existing fleet

  • Consultation on continued operation, repowering, or decommissioning

  • Project acquisition in all development and operational stages

  • Acquisition of repowering rights

  • Complete project planning services for repowering

  • Complete dismantling of your old installations

  • Recycling and reuse of equipment parts

  • Financial conceptualization and increase of project returns


Repowering Benefits at a Glance:

  • New and high-performance installations for your site

  • Modern wind turbines run slower and quieter

  • Higher yields with a reduced number of installations

  • Lower maintenance costs

“VSB cooperates with well-known plant manufacturers so we can meet the highest quality standards for reliable operation with low maintenance effort.”

Finn Wöbking, VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH

Cost-saving coordination of dismantling and new construction

  • Examination of existing infrastructure for possible further use (paths, parking spaces, cable routes, grid connection points)
  • Coordinated use of heavy construction equipment (particularly special cranes)
  • Maximising the useful life of old plants and rapid construction of new plants

Increase in yield and efficiency with new plants

  • Legally compliant planning and commissioning of all necessary expert opinions
  • Transparent communication with all parties involved
  • Manufacturer-independent plant selection for optimum yield
  • Implementation and monitoring of the approval procedure in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)
  • Participation in EEG calls for tenders
  • Participation models for citizens and municipalities
  • Construction and commissioning of the new plants
  • Technical and commercial operational management

Sale or cooperation

Would you like to sell your old wind turbines? VSB buys project and repowering rights as well as plants in all operating stages. Or we invest in your energy park in order to optimise it. Together, we replan it and share risks and opportunities equally. However, if you want to continue operating your energy park, we can support you with our services – just as you wish.

We are a founding member of the association RDRWind e. V., an industrial association for the repowering, dismantling and
recycling of wind turbines, and are committed to establishing standards and norms for the sustainable dismantling of wind
turbines for the first time.

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