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Are you thinking about applying for a job at VSB Neue Energien Deutschland? Great, because we like to hire the best to perform tasks that have the best impact: expanding renewable energy. Would you like to work in a modern company? Undertake interesting projects? Find room for development? Your talent is needed for exciting tasks and wide-ranging career development opportunities. Be it in Dresden, Erfurt, Potsdam or Osnabrück – challenging projects await you at VSB.

Success is a motivator

For you as well as for us. We want to share VSB’s success story with you in a company that offers both the stability of a medium-sized company and the dynamics of an international service provider of renewable energy sources.

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Perfect interactions

If you are interested in shaping the future and working with colleagues who value mutual appreciation and open-mindedness, then VSB Neue Energien Deutschland is the right place for you. An innovative spirit and creativity drive us forward. Diligence and sound performance planning form the cornerstones for the stable future of our company and our employees.

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