Experience to the
power of 2

North Rhine-Westphalia and
Lower Saxony: VSB is successful
in federal states rich in wind

VSB as innovation generator

There is plenty of wind in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony and the renewable energies industry is at home here. VSB scores in both flat states with individual solutions for farmers, land managers and owners. Together with the colleagues from Osnabrück, VSB is available with innovative concepts, tailored solutions for repowering issues and as an expert for complex approval procedures.

The political course has been set

The energy policy objectives of the government of North Rhine-Westphalia are an essential foundation of our work. North Rhine-Westphalia takes a leading role in climate protection.

Likewise, the neighbouring federal state of Lower Saxony also has ambitious plans: The share of energy production from renewable energies shall increase to 25 % until 2020. We would like to actively contribute to this goal with our regional office in Osnabrück.

“Our goal is local energy supply, with the people taking part in decision-making. We were able to find a very good cross-linked and experienced partner with VSB, who is driving the expansion of the renewable energies jointly with us.”

Manfred Meyer-Gattermann, Board Member, OWS Handels- und Energie Genossenschaft eG

Jointly for renewable energies

Hand in hand with OWS Handels und Energiegenossenschaft eG we will realise exciting projects in North Rhine-Westphalia in the next couple of years and jointly drive the energy transition. Preparations for first projects have already started in the Höxter region. I addition, our cooperation partner in the district of Soest (administrative district of Arnsberg) closely attend to realising wind energy plants.

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