VSB as Employer

Why choose VSB
as an employer?

Together we can drive theenergy
revolution in Germany


Shaping the future – our own and that of our environment

There are man reasons to choose VSB as employer: The desire for exciting tasks in a fantastic team, the assurance to contribute to environmental protection, the work-life balance, … One reason is certainly the fact that you can be sure that we maintain sustainable and long-term relations with our employees. Mutual esteem and commitment are deeply rooted in our company principles. Employees and company will benefit likewise if the work is meaningful and enjoyable. We have asked around at VSB Neue Energien Deutschland – and we were glad to hear that our team is committed to the things they are doing. We are involved in driving the regional energy transition with our heart and our expertise.

Using natural resources

For 25 years, VSB has stood for sustainable and constant growth in the innovative business sector of renewable energy. We are dedicated to clean energy and a future worth living. Vision and high quality standards are the driving forces in solving our tasks. We gain the confidence of our business partners and employees with reliability, fairness and integrity – every day. Enjoy a very interesting and varied work environment and become a part of this future-oriented industry.


Important aspects for our staff at VSB:

  • Orientation towards sustainable objectives
  • Challenging Tasks
  • Varied opportunities for individual advancement
  • Openness to people and ideas
  • Open and respectful interaction
  • Compatibility of family and work
  • Commensurate compensation


Get involved with these bundles of energy

Our tasks – multi-faceted and individual just like you:

energy for you