Project Due diligence

Reducing the risk and
optimizing the costs of the project

Guaranteed independence and reliability


The number of implemented projects has enabled us to become specialists in the industry. We benefit from this knowledge when conducting advanced project due diligence. VSB specialists, in cooperation with lawyers and verified subcontractors, will check the project in order to reduce the investment risk and choose the best products on the market, which may multiply your capital.

What audits do we offer?

  • Technical audit

    As part of the audit, we will:

    • Field inspection of location and infrastructure
    • Analysis of the entire available project documentation
    • Verification of key permits and decisions including:

    Decision on environmental conditions of the project
    Planning and zoning documentation, land development conditions
    Electrical documentation, conditions for connection to the grid
    Construction permit

    • Verifying the development of key elements, including:

    Photovoltaic and wind farm projects
    Analysis of productivity
    Environmental impact assessment and documentation
    Project construction

  • Legal audit



    As a part of the audit, we offer:

    • conducting a survey on the company's current legal status and its history
    • analysis of documents in view of their comprehension and accuracy with regard to legal requirements, including:

    decisions concerning the location of investment
    environmental protection
    usage rights of the land where the investment is to be located
    construction permit, operating
    permit connection conditions, connection contracts, contract on the sale of energy

    • analysis of contracts concluded with contractors of a certain company
    • analysis of loan and safety agreements specifying possible objections and suggestions concerning their contents and compliance with law
    • verification of pending court cases
    • analysis of labour law issues
  • Financial audit

    As part of the audit, we offer analysis concerning:

    • financial results
    • financial projection
    • investment expenses
    • cash flows
    • management accounting, internal controlling system
    • other contingent and off-balance liabilities which may affect the financial results
  • Customized audits

    We approach each project individually. After the interview and initial verification, we will offer an audit which best matches your needs.

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