Project development at each stage of implementation

Comprehensive support in
project implementation

Save your time, and manage your
investment efficiently with VSB

The project of a power station is a “product” with certain characteristics at every stage of implementation.

VSB offers a wide range of services which allow for fast completion of an investment in renewable sources of energy. It is also possible to benefit from VSB-know-how at only one of the project stages, e.g. obtaining a location or environmental decision, construction of a power station or as-built service.

The immanent characteristics of any renewable energy project are its “milestones” – the hardest stages of any investment. VSB’s experience guarantees that project risk is reduced and each stage of project implementation is optimized.

VSB offers all services necessary to complete a renewable energy project, regardless of the stage at which it currently is.

Information on current construction and planning projects

Would you like to know which projects we have already carried out in Poland? Take a look a tour current wind farm projects or read our reference.

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