Investments with commercial IRR

We are a strong group. Our name is
recognized among investors on the market
and we offer professional consultancy for
investors in renewable energy sources
and innovative industry solutions.

Return on investment is an important criterion when making a decision about the location of your capital. VSB Energie Odnawialne Polska Sp. z o.o. is a solid and financially stable partner.

Pillars of our activity

For over 20 years, VSB has dealt with the development and implementation of projects in the renewable energy industry and innovative solutions. Quality and reliability are two main characteristics of our activity. Thus, we cooperate with reliable and certified specialists and we use exclusively high-quality technological solutions offered by acknowledged market leaders.

Wide range of VSB 

Many branches of our activity including wind energy, photovoltaics, renewable energy innovations and the provision of services as well as the fact that we have subsidiaries in various European countries, contribute to the stable and balanced growth of our group.

Foresight in management

Stability is a key factor in our investment policy. We invest our profits in brand new projects and in the improvement of our services, as well as in upgrading our employees’ qualifications. On the basis of legal and economic analyses, we plan our finances, we negotiate with financing institutions and we apply for subsidies from public institutions. All the activities are documented in a transparent manner, which allows for tracking every step of our activity. Thanks to advanced SCADA solutions, we are the leader in the renewable energy market.

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