Energy for companies’ own needs

Solving the problem of
expensive electric energy

Installation of renewable
energy sources in a company
means long-term savings

Photovoltaic installations for businesses

VSB offers a comprehensive implementation of photovoltaic installation in your company, on a roof of a certain building or on an undeveloped piece of land. As an experienced renewable energy installer, we will conduct the whole investment process efficiently, from the greenfield stage to the plant construction and the production of the first megawatts.

Benefits for your company:

As an owner of a photovoltaic installation and a consumer of green energy, you gain:

  • savings on costs of electric energy
  • stable and predictable price of energy for the period of 20-25 years
  • additional, independent source of energy
  • production mainly at peak demand
  • possibility to supplement the installation with energy storage

Contract on delivery of electric energy from a renewable energy source

If you prefer cooperation based on a contract for distribution of renewable energy, we are willing to offer you an efficient solution, tailored to the energy needs of your company.

energy for you