Sustainable investment
with wind farms

Wind and sun – as reliable as your revenues

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The rate of return is a crucial decision criterion for your profitable investment.  Would you also like to create sustainable value by investing your capital in green energy generation? Then we should get in touch. We are a reliable and financially sound partner that has developed and realised projects in the renewable energy sector for 20 years. We have a wealth of experience in this field. The success of our business is based on the “all-inclusive” idea, which provides for a comprehensive value creation chain as well as high revenues. Quality and reliability are the supporting pillars of all our actions. Not only do we work with approved and certified experts and special service providers, but we also selectively use high-quality technology acquired from renowned manufacturers.

VSB is diversified

As well as the three business segments of wind energy, photovoltaics and Service provision, the fact that we work at various European locations also contributes to the healthy and balanced growth of the group. We are where you are. Our subsidary companies and regional offices always have a personal contact to assist you, along with a professional team.

On the safe side to secure your profitable investment

Sustainability is important to us in our investment policy as well - we reinvest the revenues in new projects, employees and resources. Based on a sound legal and economic concept, we structure the financing, negotiate with credit institutes, apply for public subsidies and deal with the management of the wind farm for you. Of course we document all of this so that each step is clearly comprehensible.

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It does not matter if we are acting on behalf of someone else or if we care about own projects: We develop and sell wind energy and photovoltaic projects in different planning states.

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"We provide our investors with access to investments in sustainable energy infrastructure, which are characterised by stable long-term returns. We are connected to VSB Group by a trusting cooperation and first-class wind energy projects in Germany and France."

Francisco Feito, Managing Director Renewable Energy SUSI Partners AG

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