Project developers

Together we can build
momentum for your
wind farm project

Sometimes 1 plus 1 makes more than 2, for
instance when we combine your competence with
our expertise as an experienced planning office

A lull? No way!

Are you a regional wind farm developer hoping to sell your project rights? Or are you interested in individual services from VSB? We are also a strong cooperation partner and contractor if you are planning a wind or solar farm. We work with you every step of the way, from acquisition to project planning and from completion to marketing. Whichever way the wind blows, we will develop customised solutions and steer your wind project towards success.

Your benefits as a wind farm project developer at a glance:

  • Increase your chances of winning a tender by realising your wind farm projects more quickly.
  • Professional project management raises the purchase price - make your project more profitable and maximise the margin for the project initiator.
  • Gain legal certainty for the project thanks to VSB’s long-term expertise.

Has your planned wind farm project been delayed?

Sometimes obtaining financing is a challenge. We can help. The VSB group offers participations in existing project companies so you can continue your project with the necessary capital.

Do you want to sell your project rights?

We can take over your wind farm projects in various phases of development. We will gladly develop solutions to help sell your project rights.

What you can expect from your service provider:

If your wind farm project is delayed, we offer an initial free consultation on how to get fresh wind in your sails. We will gladly walk you through the complex tendering process, take care of project financing and help you shop for components. As part of the wind farm development, we offer special services such as environmental planning, production estimates, approval planning and completion of the construction.

Keep a firm hand on the rudder with VSB

Please contact us for an initial, free of charge consultation. Together, we outline possible solutions for your project and show how cooperating with VSB can help you to implement your renewable energy project.

Good to know:

We guarantee our dismantling services. If a wind turbine is no longer in use at a site, we will restore the site to its original state.

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