Citizens and municipalities

Do you want to help
impact climate protection?

As a “green” community, you can set an
example by investing in a public wind farm –
and benefit from a significant return on your investment.

Future-proof wind energy concepts – adding local value

The future of energy production is very much influenced by environmental protection and the challenge of using natural resources intelligently. In this respect, VSB develops projects in the field of renewable energy that are in harmony with people and the environment. Future-proof local energy concepts significantly contribute to climate protection. We all are responsible for future generations – one reason that the concepts for energy production are already being completely redesigned.

Do you want to help power the energy revolution? So do we. VSB is backing citizens, small and medium-sized businesses, and local stakeholders. We work with you transparently and closely from the very beginning, and keep you informed and involved starting in the early planning stages.

You and VSB – your benefits as a citizen and municipality at a glance:

    • We will plan your renewable energy plants and realise them on site.
    • Your local VSB contacts will be available to you for the entire lifespan of the project.
    • Our cooperation partners will manage your public wind farm after commissioning.
    • You add even more value for your community.
    • We act fairly and transparently.

    Wind energy – your gain for environment and community

    A public wind farm does not just benefit the climate, but also benefits you as a nearby resident and as a community. Based on our professional and cooperative partnership, we work with you to develop local energy and participation concepts that are tailored to your needs.

    Wherever a wind farm is built, the landscape will change. That is why we find a way to balance out each wind energy plant. We make sure this is done in harmony with nature and that the result is a natural landscape. In the place of dilapidated buildings, we will plant fruit trees, shrubs and hedges. Fields are transformed into blossoming meadows.

    Even more …

    Adding more local value: the income from local business taxes and leases will increase. Meanwhile, local construction businesses and service technicians will receive additional orders, which helps protect jobs.

    "Thanks to the cooperation with VSB we are able to tap efficiency potentials for energy and building management. Thus, sustainability is becoming a practical experience for us."

    Anita Maaß, Mayor of the Town of Lommatzsch

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