Public utility companies

A partner for wind
and solar energy

Whether you use a single component or the
entire service package, you will get all of the services
from an experienced service provider.

Together we are strong

Partnership is based on trust and an open attitude – and it leads to success. We are pleased to be a partner for numerous public utility companies and energy suppliers, as an experienced service provider with profound knowledge about the industry and valuable contacts. You can benefit from VSB’s experience especially when it comes to developing wind energy projects, which are often very sophisticated and detailed. From securing the land and gaining approval for wind energy plants to the overall project process, everything will stay within the planned scope – one of the benefits our customers really appreciate.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Quickly and cost-effectively expand your power plant facilities with wind energy plants.
  • Reduce the project development risk by cooperating with an experienced and networked partner.
  • Benefit from your wide creative leeway: we create custom service packages for your project ideas.

New impetus for good decisions

Do you operate power plant facilities? Are you looking for a partner for your plant management? A qualified commercial and technical team will take care of economic operation of your plants. VSB’s Wind Farm Management will gladly handle this for you. Expanding your power plant facilities to include wind energy and solar plants will help strengthen your market position. This is not only interesting for you, but also for investors. In this way, ecological and economic responsibility go hand in hand. Are you looking for an expert in environmental and approval planning as well as in wind measurement? Our services are convenient and secure.

The tendering model …

… is complex, and it presents an additional challenge for market participants. Starting in 2017, the government will determine how many onshore wind energy plants can be added each year, and these will be awarded in a tendering process. Only energy suppliers whose project bids are accepted will be allowed to install wind energy plants. VSB works with you to handle these diverse requirements. We prepare your projects all the way up to the approval stage. In addition, we develop a bidding strategy with you, based on our market knowledge, to position your projects competitively and to make them highly cost-effective.

On site throughout the region. That’s VSB…

…with numerous locations and field staff. Benefit from our expert knowledge and the experience of the VSB employees. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas. Read about our successful joint venture with EnBW.

Tailor-made and efficient

How do you envision working with a professional service provider? We love to inspire our customers. That also involves a straightforward approach, and we are simultaneously flexible and quick. We tailor our services precisely to your needs and take care of the joint financing.

Keep a firm hand on the rudder with VSB

Please contact us for an initial, free of charge consultation. Together, we outline possible solutions for your project and show how cooperating with VSB can help you to implement your renewable energy project.

Construction services

„We are pleased that in VSB we have found a co-operating partner that is enrooted in Thuringia. Also, our strengths perfectly complement one another. Therefore, we wish to work hand in hand developing selected wind energy projects that are environmentally compatible and of which both locals and municipalities can benefit.”

Alexanda Weber, EnBW branch manager in Erfurt

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