VSB takes off in Hesse, land of wind

New energy for Hesse!

Hesse’s active role in the energy transition

When it comes to energy policy, the federal state of Hesse has set its sights particularly high: by no later than 2050, it plans for 100 % of its electricity needs to be covered by renewables. So it’s hardly surprising that the energy transition and climate protection are among the Hessian state government’s top priorities. Recent figures and statistics show that this plan is already in full swing – with the share of renewable energies in the electricity mix having already climbed to about 25 %. (2010: 7.9 %). It’s clear that Hesse is making great strides in the energy transition.

The state is a beacon in the wind industry – and we have been pursuing this path together with Hesse since 2010. VSB recognised early on the enormous potential that this future market has for all stakeholders. Under the motto “Develop. Plan. Build”, we have already successfully brought many wind farms online during this time.

The first VSB wind farm in Hesse is located near the community of Ruhlkirchen. It was commissioned in November 2013. This paved the way for many more projects. Our network in North Hesse includes, for example, the town of Trendelburg and the Reinhardshagen Forestry Department. It was all thanks to our trusting working relationship and close dialogue based on partnership, that the Trendelburg wind farm was inaugurated in 2018.

VSB has already made a name for itself as an experienced, competent project developer in Middle Hesse. In 2018, for example, three Vestas V126 turbines with a total park capacity of 10.35 MW also went into operation on the land of the Romrod Forestry Department. Two V126 wind turbines are currently being installed at the Fischbach wind farm near Alsfeld. A number of other projects are in the final stages of the permit process. With this in mind, we recommend checking back here from time to time to find out about VSB’s busy schedule in Hesse.

VSB continues focus on regionalisation with new regional office in Kassel

With the groundwork laid, the prospects for many more VSB projects are excellent. But we know the importance of being in touch with people and aware of local issues. This ensures that we can always see the full picture, allowing us to best exploit opportunities as and when they arise.

For this reason, VSB opened a regional office in Kassel in the summer of 2020. The new team consists of office manager Alexander Diegel-Bräuer and his experienced project developers and planners. Together they will identify suitable areas for wind farms in Hesse and the neighbouring federal states.

At the core of VSB’s wind energy projects are trusting, open partnerships and transparent communication with all stakeholders. To this end, we organise things like information events and community gatherings, at which our project developers are more than happy to answer any questions in detail.

So with its regional office in Kassel, VSB is now also taking the Hessian market by storm. This distinctive strategic focus on regionalisation gives rise to particularly tight networks as well as customer relationships founded on trust.

Added value from day one with VSB

Local authorities have an important role to play in ensuring the success of the energy transition, for it is their job to designate sufficient areas for the construction of new wind turbines in their land-use plans. But there are great rewards to be reaped, because this generates enticing value chains in the immediate vicinity.

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