An efficient energy mix: VSB to present hybrid farm concepts at HUSUM WIND 2023

Press  / Husum/Dresden / 06.09.2023

Space saving, more stable network load and efficient use of network connections: hybrid farms offer great opportunities for the expansion of renewable energy. At the flagship trade fair HUSUM WIND, renewable energy project developer VSB will showcase successful projects and demonstrate the potential of hybrid renewable energy systems.

Wind turbines above, solar panels below: hybrid farms combine energy sources in a very small space and provide continuous, year-round power. Shared connections and transformers help to optimise the use of resources. Hydrogen electrolysis extends the spectrum, while electricity generated is fed seamlessly into the power grid via the same connections. The hybrid solution is rounded off by storage and conversion technologies. This innovative combination will play a key role in helping to meet the ambitious targets for expanding renewable energy.

VSB is currently developing several forward-looking hybrid farm concepts. It is implementing one such project, with a potential output of 100 MW, in the south-east of Brandenburg: by coupling a wind farm with an electrolysis plant, wind power will be converted directly into hydrogen. This hydrogen will not only be used as an energy source for local transport, but will also supply regional industrial customers. In addition, the waste heat from the electrolysis process will be used to provide environmentally friendly heat to the local community. 

“Looking to the future of the energy industry, hybrid systems are going to have an important role to play,” says Dr Felix Grolman, CEO of VSB Group. “With the expansion of renewable energy, flexibility in power supply is becoming increasingly important. Hybrid farms, sometimes as solutions with integrated storage technology, offer great opportunities for facility operators, but also in terms of self-supply.”

At HUSUM WIND from 12 to 15 September 2023, VSB will present the advantages of hybrid farms based on its own positive experiences at specific project locations. VSB invites visitors to booth 4B12 to discuss this and other topics in more detail.

Hybrid power: VSB's answer to the future of renewable energy with wind and sun

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