Dismantling completed, site visit and preparations for foundations

 / 27.07.2023

An era is coming to an end at the Elster wind farm: the old turbines have been completely dismantled. This lays the foundation for a new, sustainable energy future.

Done: All turbines dismantled
The rotor blades stored on the ground are the last witnesses of the old turbines that have been dismantled piece by piece here at the Elster wind farm for more than one and a half years. Since the beginning of July, all 50 old ENERCON E-40 turbines and their foundations have been completely dismantled. This marks the end of the era of the old wind farm.

A visit to the construction site
What the future of the wind farm in particular and the energy landscape in general could look like was one of the topics during the recent visit to the construction site. Members of the Saxony-Anhalt Green Party parliamentary group went on site to get an idea of our repowering project. With the state chair Madeleine Linke, the state parliament member Cornelia Lüddemann and the Wittenberg district parliament member Reinhild Hugenroth, we talked about the different project phases and the successful cooperation with the municipalities of Zahna-Elster and Jessen as well as the approval authorities.

This is how it continues
Currently, the preparatory work for the foundation construction of the new facilities is underway. This includes the excavation of the construction pits, the laying of empty pipes and the completion of the storage and crane parking areas, as well as the access roads to the WTG sites. These preparations are important so that our project partner Max Bögl can start building the foundations for the new turbines in the next few weeks.

Current view of the Elster repowering wind farm: all 50 old turbines have been completely dismantled and preparations for the foundation construction of the new turbines are underway.

Members of the Saxony-Anhalt parliamentary group look at the rotor blades of the dismantled old turbines while site manager Max Kryukov gives insights into the dismantling process.

Laying of the empty pipes in preparation for the foundation construction of the new turbines is partially completed

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