Storage solutions

Battery storage

Building block of the energy transition

New paths for renewable energies

With VSB you shape the path to the energy transition. VSB has laid an important foundation with wind and solar parks, but this alone is not enough. Innovative storage solutions are needed to absorb fluctuations in the feed-in of renewable energies from wind and sun and to guarantee a stable grid. With the pilot project in Wölkisch VSB is making an important contribution on the path to a regenerative energy world.

The benefits of battery storages

In the event of unforeseen fluctuations in the power grid, the battery storage absorbs excess power from the grid in a matter of seconds or releases it to the grid when there is too little power. The battery storage unit, thus, stabilises the power grid and ensures a continuous power supply. VSB can now also provide this important network service with its pilot project in Wölkisch.

In concrete terms, this means that our storage facility in Wölkisch is connected to the electricity marketer via a technical interface. The electricity marketer trades the available power and takes part in the transmission system operators’ tenders.

The VSB battery storage is able to supply the primary control power for the control energy market within a few seconds. The transmission system operator purchases these reserves and uses them to stabilise the power grid in order to ensure a continuous supply of electricity. A total of 1,400 MW is, therefore, traded on the market for primary control reserve across countries.

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