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Checking your project with a keen eye for details.

Checking your project with a keen eye for details.

Do you have an idea for a wind farm but are not sure if the location is suitable? VSB has detailed knowledge about the planning regions in Germany and can provide a professional assessment. Furthermore, we have connections with leading manufacturers of wind energy plants to help drive your project idea.

Are your preliminary planning and blueprint planning finished?

Great. Then it is “only“ a matter of overcoming the many pitfalls of approval planning. It is good to have an experienced consultant at hand who knows how to overcome these obstacles. Trust our long-term expertise and our professional and prudent consultation. We will be glad to handle the following for you in the scope of approval planning:

  • Preliminary approvability review
  • Preparing or assigning all relevant expert opinions
  • Preparing and/or submitting approval documents
  • Maintaining contacts with administrations and communities
  • Clarifying special cases, such as permission to deviate from a planning objective

We specialise in creative, customised and legally sound solutions. We are looking forward to hearing your project idea. Please clarify any initial questions directly in a discussion with Mathias Güthling.

"Our work is characterised by diplomatic negotiation skills, persistence and creativity. That is how we always achieve a good solution to turn your project idea into a successful wind farm."

Eric Müller, Team Leader Project Management and Planning, VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH

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