VSB Germany starts construction of the Flintbek wind farm

Press  / Dresden/Flintbek / 08.07.2024

In early July, the VSB Group commenced construction on two wind turbines in Flintbek, located in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district. The foundations are expected to be completed by the end of the year. The wind farm, with a total capacity of 11.4 megawatts (MW), is set to be operational in autumn 2025. This project marks VSB Group's first construction endeavor in Schleswig-Holstein.

Initial archaeological surveys will be conducted at crane pad locations, turbine sites, and park access roads to identify and preserve any potential finds related to the “Flintbek Sickle”. Road construction between the turbine sites, each featuring Nordex N149 turbines with 5.7 MW nominal capacity, will commence in August. Foundation construction will follow in October, with completion expected by year-end. Cable laying is projected to begin by late March 2025. In May/June of the following year, major components such as tower sections, nacelles, hubs, and rotor blades will be transported to the turbine sites via a loading area. The turbines are expected to become operational in late summer 2025.

“Schleswig-Holstein leads in wind energy expansion in Germany, particularly in terms of land area. We are delighted to contribute to this growth and to help shape the energy transition in Northern Germany,” said Thomas Winkler, Managing Director of VSB Deutschland.

The local communities' financial participation in the wind farm is secured through provisions in §6 of the Renewable Energy Sources Act, whereby operators are required to make payments to municipalities. These payments amount to 0.2 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity generated from the two wind turbines, encompassing all areas within a radius of 2.5 kilometers from the turbines. Agreements to this effect have already been finalized. “VSB willingly supports this voluntary form of long-term assistance to local budgets, as it contributes to local value creation and provides additional revenue for funding attractive local projects,” added Thomas Winkler.

“German and European climate goals provide clear direction for us as a company in advancing the transition to cleaner and greener energy. This includes a wide range of initiatives, such as the wind turbines in Flintbek, repowering projects in Saxony-Anhalt, hybrid parks in Finland, or photovoltaic installations in Sicily,” added Dr. Felix Grolman, CEO of the VSB Group.

VSB Germany starts construction of the Flintbek wind farm

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