Things are moving forward: Concrete Towers and Substation Construction Underway

 / 07.12.2023

A delicate blanket of snow covers the site where the repowering wind farm at Elster is taking shape. Winter has arrived, and the wind turbines are gradually reaching for the sky.

Looking down from above, you can see the foundations of our 16 new wind turbines taking shape. The dimensions are impressive: they are only 70 centimetres deep but support a proud 2,000 tonnes – equivalent to the weight of 400 fully grown elephants. With a diameter of 25 meters, the foundation is as wide as the swimming pool in the Wittenberg swimming hall.

A total of 32 concrete rings are placed on this massive foundation. Of these, 31 rings arrive at the construction site in three individual parts, carefully bolted together on-site. Lastly, the adapter piece arrives in one piece via heavy transport.

On-site, approximately two handfuls of highly skilled specialists work, supported by two cranes – the main crane and the auxiliary crane – to precisely position the heavy components. Under favourable weather conditions, without strong winds and thus no delays, the construction of a concrete tower takes eight working days. Mighty steel cables ensure stability, connecting the concrete tower to the anchor rods anchored in the foundation with an impressive 700 bar of pressure once the work is completed. We are particularly proud that our partner, Max Bögl Wind AG, uses innovative technology in concrete production, reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 40 percent.

The schedule: by the second quarter of 2024, all concrete towers should be in place to make way for the next step – the installation of steel tower segments, nacelles, and rotor blades by our partner, Siemens Gamesa.

However, the project is not just about the impressive wind turbines. Those who cast their eyes across the construction site will currently see cable trays extending from the foundations. They will ensure that the generated wind power flows into the new substation, which is also taking shape. Currently, the foundations for the substation are being excavated, and in the first quarter of 2024, two transformers will be installed. In the second quarter of 2024, electrical fine-tuning will be on the agenda, ensuring that the substation is fully operational in time for the commissioning of the first turbines in the second half of 2024.

Addendum dated 2 February 2024: Commissioning is expected to take place in 2025, as the delivery of the turbines we ordered has been delayed.

Winter has arrived and the first two concrete towers have been erected.

A view of the wind farm: all 16 foundations are prepared.

Robust anchor rods with strong metal threads are integrated into the circular segment of the foundation base.

Placement of the first concrete segment. When all 32 concrete rings are stacked, the concrete tower will rise an impressive 91 meters into the sky.

In wind farms, cable trays ensure the transmission of generated energy to the substation after commissioning.

The foundations of the substation are being excavated.

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