Reference project Prettin


Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

  • 15 units
  • GE EW 1.5sl; Enercon E-70
  • 27.50 MW Total Capacity
  • Commissioning 2001- 2006
  • Project Development, Operation Management

North of the 16th-century castle Lichtenburg, Prettin windfarm was built successively between 2001 and 2006. It comprises 15 turbines with a combined installed capacity of 27.5 MW. With the renewable energy generated here, an average of 18,000 household can be supplied.

Compensatory measures: Reforestation

A new broad-leaved forest was planted on the sandy field.  Therefore, an existing forest area was planted with close-to-nature woodland, comprising a regional mixture of species. Also, a pioneering forest of 4,500 birch trees was planted – these trees are able to settle on sparse grounds and later foster the growth of spruces, oaks and beeches.

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