Last of the old plants to be dismantled

Topical  / 17.11.2022

Work on the repowering project is now expected to continue until autumn 2024.

Local contact
Work on the repowering project is expected to continue until autumn 2024. VSB will now have its own construction office at the wind farm site, as we believe it is important to work in partnership construction companies and local project participants.

Resettlement of lizards
Ground works for the repowering wind farm can only begin if none of the protected sand lizards are still on the site. Any lizards found in the wind farm area, despite the approximately 10 km of lizard fencing, were carefully collected by hand during the summer and relocated to areas unaffected by construction.

Dismantling of old turbines and cabling work for continued operation
The farm originally consisted of 57 wind turbines. More than two-thirds of the 50 old turbines have now been dismantled. Seven turbines can still be operated because they were installed later. Cabling work is underway to ensure that these turbines can continue to supply clean energy to the grid.

Draft permit available
A few days ago, we received the draft permit for the repowering wind farm. Dismantling of the old turbines is ongoing and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023. The actual construction of the wind farm is expected to start at the beginning of the year with the extension of the access road.

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