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Information about COVID-19

 / Dresden /  18.03.2020

VSB Group protecting staff and ensuring continued operations

As a company operating in the renewable energy sector, we are used to literally stormy times. At present, we are facing a headwind from an unfamiliar direction, which sees us forced to tackle new challenges as a company and employer. For this reason, the VSB Group has taken a number of coronavirus-related measures internationally, both to protect our staff and ensure continued business and system operations as process planning, operations and maintenance.

It is standard practice for VSB, a quality-verified, certified company, to be prepared for potential crises. Our contingency plans, and especially the current pandemic plan, ensure operations can continue. This includes making sure staff in critical areas can work independently from home for weeks at a time during an emergency, and thus keep technical systems running. Staff in key positions also work shifts to contain the infection risk as much as possible. We have additionally taken relevant measures for our sales force and service technicians. The resulting temporary rise in absences will be compensated for through stand-in arrangements.

To protect our entire workforce, we have cancelled all events, trade-fair appearances and larger meetings. To further minimise the risk of infection, all business trips have been suspended, and there is now a ban on visiting individual VSB sites until further notice.

An important note for operators and investors: Wind and solar-energy plants can currently be operated without restrictions, and we are able to render all our services with the usual level of quality and reliability. As such, we can also guarantee the availability of maintenance materials and spare parts over the coming weeks.

A specially appointed crisis unit is assessing the situation every day based on the risk assessments conducted by the Robert Koch Institute and the German federal and state governments, and it is on this basis that we will be taking further measures to reduce the infection risk where necessary.

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