13 out of 16 Concrete Towers Erected, Overhead Lines Being Prepared

 / 02.05.2024

Final Stretch in Concrete Tower Erection, Infrastructure Works Advancing in Parallel.

 The Elster Repowering Wind Farm is making good progress: 13 out of 16 concrete towers have been erected. Despite occasional slight delays caused by strong spring winds, safety on the construction site always remains top priority.

Alongside tower construction, infrastructure works are proceeding at full speed. The grid operator MITNETZ STROM has prepared the connection of the new substation, which will be built directly adjacent to the existing one, to the 110 kV overhead line. The installed auxiliary portal will enable the future connection of the substation to the overhead line, thus facilitating the transmission of generated electricity into the public grid.

Another positive development: By temporarily shutting down the overhead line and the old substation, our colleagues from VSB Service were able to take the opportunity to conduct comprehensive maintenance on the transformer in the existing substation. This proactive maintenance ensures that the power transmission of the seven wind turbines, which are not part of the repowering process, continues to function smoothly.

We continue to work diligently towards connecting the electricity from our repowering wind farm to the grid through the new substation. We will keep you updated - Stay tuned.

Construction of the Auxiliary Portal

The Auxiliary Portal is in Place

The conductor cables of the existing substation are being relocated to the opposite side of the overhead line mast

View of the new substation

Maintenance work on the existing substation continues

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