Land owners

a favorable wind
for higher revenue

Lease your property to create a wind farm

Let your revenues reach for the sky.

Are you a land owner hoping to increase your revenue? Would you like to do your part in the energy revolution? We have the perfect solution: leasing your property to VSB Neue Energien as a site for a wind farm.

Your benefits as a land owner at a glance:

  • Lease payments are long term and predictable.
  • Contracts are designed individually and customised according to the local conditions.
  • No costs and no risk due to transparent land-use contracts.
  • Your contact partners are conveniently located near you.

We prioritize close contact and open discussions with our customers so we can respond to all your needs and requests.

We are your contact partner for any issues involving the wind farm. Whether you want someone to manage the entire wind farm or to operate it, you are in experienced hands with VSB. Would you prefer not to be involved in the commercial and technical management? We will gladly handle it for you.





Your lease contract

  • Contract term: 20 years
  • Extension and repowering options

  • Complete dismantling of the wind energy plant


Find a contact partner in your neighborhood now!

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  • Higher returns and more time – the perfect combination

    Let the wind and the VSB experts work for you, while your lease income steadily feeds your bank account. That leaves more time for your personal life. Even agricultural cooperatives and forestry enterprises appreciate having more time to focus on their core tasks.

  • Why lease?

    Often the income from leasing a property is higher than the revenue from agricultural or forestry use. But you do not need to decide between these alternatives - we design the wind farm so your land is still available for agricultural use. Another benefit: we work with your land manager to clarify any detailed questions!

  • Why choose VSB?

    The success of the project depends completely on the contractual partner. VSB is a sound and financially strong partner that stands for security as well as reliability – from the first meeting to dismantling the plant. Experience and professionalism are especially important during the approval process. The VSB experts complete projects quickly so that the first lease payment can be made as soon as possible.

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