Our certifications

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Triple ISO certification

VSB's QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) teams are actively working towards the recognition of our good practices in terms of the quality of our services, the preservation of the health and safety of our stakeholders and third parties, as well as our impact on the environment.

This is why, by pursuing a comprehensive policy, VSB has achieved triple certification ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) et ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management).

Through the certification of these 3 standards, VSB énergies nouvelles ensures the implementation of common management tools enabling efficient and shared management of its management system, taking into account environmental impacts and the prevention of professional risks, while continuously improving its performance. Partners, customers and employees are thus at the heart of the approach and benefit from its advantages.



Alliance Quality Photovoltaic certification (AQPV)

The AQPV certification is a sign of recognition of the quality of services provided by companies in the solar photovoltaic industry. It is a benchmark for private or public project owners who wish to use operators who have mastered all the savoir-faire required for the design, construction and operation maintenance of photovoltaic installations of any power.

With this AQPV certification, VSB énergies nouvelles attests to its photovoltaic expertise through the certification of its own skills, but also through the control of the activities of its subcontractors.




VSB, certificate holder SOREN (PV CYCLE)

By holding the SOREN (PV CYCLE) certificate since 2016, VSB has become a player in the recycling network of the French photovoltaic industry by organizing the collection and recycling of used panels.

With this approach, VSB is once again demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection.

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