Wind energy

The energy of the wind

VSB: a key player in the development of wind energy projects


Man has always been able to adapt and cultivate his environment.

Through wind turbines, man has been able to use a free and inexhaustible source of energy to produce his electricity locally and thus fight against global warming.

This is why France, through the Energy Transition Law of 2015, has set itself the objective of increasing the share of renewable energies to 32% of gross final energy consumption by 2030. The Programmation Pluriannuelle de l’Energie (PPE) completes and sets the priorities for action by the public authorities in the energy transition. The objectives for onshore wind energy are set at an installed capacity of 24 600 MW in 2023 and between 34 100 MW and 35 600 MW in 2028.

 The progression of wind farms and the constant technological evolutions nowadays make wind energy as a clean, safe, inexhaustible and growing source of energy.

Wind energy becomes a pillar of a forward-looking society, renewable energy and the energy transition!

VSB and wind energy:

With more than 900 MW of permits obtained since 2001, VSB énergies nouvelles is now a major player in the development of your wind energy project. Our expertise is based on values and experience shared on a daily basis with elected representatives and administration.

We pay particular attention to the information exchanged around the projects and to maintaining good communication, especially with local residents, to ensure full local acceptability.

 Through co-developments, partnerships and participatory financing with local authorities and inhabitants, we enable all stakeholders to take ownership of these territorial projects.



40 permits

to build wind turbines obtained for an output of 400 MW


300 +

installed wind turbines


60 projects

1000 MW under development


The main stages of a wind energy project : 

The benefits of wind energy

  • Clean, natural and unlimited energy
  • Local energy production
  • Energy that respects the environment, fauna and flora
  • Source of economic benefits for municipalities and landowners
  • Sector that generates jobs (local)


  • 1. What is the minimum distance between a wind turbine and a home ?

    A wind turbine may not be installed less than 500 meters from a home (minimum legal distance).

  • 2. Is a wind turbine noisy ?

    Wind turbines are getting quieter and quieter. A wind turbine makes 35dB at 500 meters which is the noise of a refrigerator.

  • 3. Does a wind turbine have an impact on health ?

    This answer is no. The Agence Nationale de la Sécurité Sanitaire (ANSES) indicates, after studies, that there are no effects for local residents and animals!

  • 4. Why are some wind turbines shut down ?

    Wind turbines turn 80% of the time. When they are at a standstill, they can be in maintenance or clamping mode. Sometimes, the wind is too strong (> 90Km/h) or too weak (< 14km/h).


  • 5. What is the lifespan of a wind farm ?

    A wind farm has a minimum lifespan of 20 to 30 years. In addition, the law provides for the dismantling of the wind farm and the restoration of the land to its original state to be provided for during construction. In most cases, the wind farm is replaced by more powerful turbines, known as repowering.

  • 6. Is a wind turbine polluting ?

    Wind energy is the most beneficial for the health of ecosystems and has the best carbon footprint of all energies. On average, a French wind farm consumes 12.7g Co2/Kwh over its entire life cycle. In addition, 90% of a wind turbine is recyclable, the rest is upgraded (for example in street furniture, aggregates for concrete …).

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