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VSB Holding GmbH unites all the operational companies within the group.  The wholly-owned France subsidiary, VSB Énergies Nouvelles SARL, operates alongside the VSB subsidiaries in Germany, Finland, Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece and Croatia.  With such an international network, synergies can be improved and experiences shared.

Success based on a solid foundation

The VSB Group, headquartered in Dresden, Germany, is a successful pan-European corporation operating in the renewable energy industry.  Economically strong and with distinctive competences, VSB operates both nationally and internationally.  The focus here is on the individual regions where we are represented by six VSB subsidiaries. Think globally, act locally. We are always at your side! The VSB Group actively engages with every stage of wind farm life; from inception and construction to operation management, repowering and dismantling.


    An energy revolution pioneer since 1996

    We have been implementing wind and solar projects for 20 years now. This benefits not just the environment but also the entire region, with customised concepts that add regional value and give citizens the opportunity to participate. Fair lease contracts and transparency in every development step are a matter of course for VSB.


    Turbines built

    1100 MW

    Total installed capacity


    parcs photovoltaïques

    658 MW

    Commercial management

    1400 MW

    Technical management


    Turbines O&M contracted

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